The Classic T-Shirt provided a great product that everyone loves… a quality classic t-shirt! But when it came to their web site, they felt like they needed something a little more than the cookie cutter template design they were offering. That’s where Networking Bizz came in.

Specific Functions

Networking Bizz took Classic T-Shirt’s templated design to the next level. They fully customized the web site to feature the company’s branding. They updated the look of the site providing photography and a post-launch strategy that would attract more customers while its appealing layout would decrease bounce rate and increase conversions.

Time it took to start generating sales
Increase in new user visits month after month
Average conversion rate on Shopify backend reporting
27.5% Increase attributed to SEO Month-to Month

Classic and modern for an amazing company!

The updates Networking Bizz made have served to increase the site’s activity improving sales overall.

Find out how they can focus on your online presence to help your company grow!

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